Need roller lifters, mine are junk

Wanted to see what some of you are running for solid roller lifters. Application is a stroked LA small block. I was running a set of Comp solid rollers. Cant remember the part number.

Ran them for two full race seasons, and started noticing that I was having to tighten up the valve lash a little more than usual. Tore the engine down, and found the axles pushed up into the body on some of them. Also had some rough places on the rollers. Thankfully the cam looked ok. Not wanting to go back with the Comps. Just want something that will hold up and be durable. With the Comps, they fit without having to grind the block for the link bars. Would like to stay with that luxury if possible, but dont mind having to grind for clearance if it is for a lifter that will hold up.

So who makes a good one? Howards, Crower, etc?