Unappreciated rock bands...

You are mistaken
I have four cds in front of me post Chris Olivia !
Handful of rain
Dead winter dead
The wake of Magellan
Poets and madmen
I also believe there is more?
I know Jon sang on at least one but not all .

I should have clarified on that, it didn't last long beyond his passing. If memory serves me correctly, Dead Winter Dead was comprised of some earlier material, which resulted in the record company demanding a "Christmas Album" (mostly because of Christmas Eve Sarajevo, which Criss played lead on) Savatage wouldn't agree under their current name and it led to the birth of TSO while Savatage was still in full swing.

Didn't Jon also leave sometime around Dead Winter Dead to pursue his own solo deal as Jon Oliva's Pain?

I could be wrong on all this, so correct me if I am. I wasn't calling you out or anything man, seriously, if I'm wrong let me know.