Highest LIft cam with 68 340 with stock intake and carb

The Victor 340, Holley 800 coupled with Drag Radials and Headers, will make the car brutally fast.

Right now the car can destroy the E70-14s. If you put the Victor 340 and Holley 800 on, it will still destroy the E70-14s.

That's the information provided above, in a nutshell.

And that was my theory when I installed that cam (its actually less aggressive than the Crower solid roller it replaced). I wanted the car to be fast with the stock parts while having an easy path to making it very fast again. With the Crower cam, headers and slicks the car ran a best of 11.78, @ 118 mph.

As the car sat, when I sold it, running on the E70-14s I ran a best of 13.2 at 105 mph, if I am remembering correctly. The car is extremely difficult to launch on the E70-14s. My times on the one day I had it at the track ranged from high 15s to that 13.2