Caliber SRT-4. Buy or pass on it?

I have a 2007 caliber 2.0 with the zoom,zoom trans,not the srt(i wish), it has 297,000 miles and just now started having a tipm problem(known problem in humid climates)@$290.00) and my evaporator has a small leak since the dealer recharged it, I think they overloaded it with too much freon (since it stated on the tag it only needs 1 can or 1lb, can't remember exactly which one it was) to work to replace other than that it has had nothing done to it at all. I still get 32mpg (dang wife can get 34mpg somehow) and it drives really good still.
plus with the fold down seats including the passengers front I can cram a buttload of stuff into it when I hit the car/swap shows
297,*** on the variable drive tranny, 2.0. Glad you posted this.