Caliber SRT-4. Buy or pass on it?

Thanks Dvert. The room they have is surprising and would be nice for my estate sale,swap meet stuff.
May just add a reg. caliber to my search. I can be cool goin slow.Been doin it for years in my jeep
if I had to do it again I'd go for a manual trans 2.0 and no other change (even though the trans has held up very well even though I beat on it pretty good and have 297k on it.)
no it's not a SRT but it isn't really that slow being a 2.0 with the variable trans it scoots along pretty good. I do still think "when is the damned thing gonna shift!" when I hammer it but it gets up an moves out pretty good. and yes I hve drove an SRT4 when I had one of my friends cars in the shop. borrowed the shop managers srt4 to get lunch in dade city florida and it was a hoot to drive. accel was better than mine on takeoff to 35-40, but other than that it seemed bout the same for me.