Blew 200 bucks, and "yes" it was Horrid Freight

I see those huge MAC, Snap On and Cornwall tool boxes on the car related TV shows, and I wonder what they cost. I'd guess at least 8-10 thousand. Does anyone know? I also wonder if they can really be good enough to justify costing 5 times as much as a Craftsman or another like brand.

You are about right on the price. Some smaller boxes are less but they have crazy boxes that can run double the that.

The SnapOn boxes and other premium boxes are really very nice, extremely solid and hold some retail and trade in value. My coworker's SnapOn box has remote keyless entry, just like a car. It's really hard to say anything bad about them other than that they are expensive.

For me, I can't justify the price, but I'm a cheap bastard. A $400 Craftsman box holds my tools the same way an $8000 SnapOn box does.

I can buy some really cool **** with the $7,600 I saved.

The thing is, it's so easy to get a SnapOn box, if you are in the trade. No credit, no problem. No down payment, that's fine, I know where you work, let me set you up on a weekly payment plan.