Blew 200 bucks, and "yes" it was Horrid Freight

So many new mechanics fall for that credit scam on overpriced tools and boxes. A friend of mine bought one of those special edition Mopar boxes, and while it was a nice box and had a cool paint job, he was paying on it and a crapload of new tools for several years and couldn't afford to do anything else during that time.
I needed a bigger tool box, and one of my other two was falling apart. I found 44" , stain. steel on craigslist for $450. When I went to look at it I didn`t even haggle over the price, it holds all my tools except for my plumbing tools, I keep them moble. STILL HAVE A CRAFTSMAN ROLLAWAY AND 8 DRAWER BOX TO GET RID OF. Would have to be local pick up tho.