@dailydoseofmopar Rotten Banana project. 1971 Duster Twister

I found a shipper that would bring the ruster to my house and played the waiting game. Shipping cars is not a fun process. But I finely got them both together in June of this year to asses everything.IMG_1575.JPG IMG_3053.JPG The Ruster didn't stay in one piece for very long. Now the process of rebuilding parts and putting the Rotten Banana together is beginning. The plan for the Rotten Banana is for the engine compartment to be restored and it will look like its from 1978. I have a bunch of vintage NOS performance parts that I have gathered up. The whole drive train will be brand new with a mild 360/727/8 3/4 3.55SG. The interior will be nice. But the body is going to stay mostly how it is. It should be a very fun ride. I will update this thread as I make progress.