Duster Twister and Demon Sizzler registry and info

Hello all. I have been trying to find production numbers and information on 71-74 Duster Twisters (A51), 74 Gold Duster Twister (A67), and 71-71 Demon Sizzlers (A59). I have started a group on Facebook called Plymouth Duster Twister and Dodge Demon Sizzler owners and enthusiasts. I would ask that it if anyone that has information, to join please. Also if you could share here, that would be great too. If you don’t feel comfortable posting your fender tag with vin publically, you can please DM it to me here along with one or two pictures of the car. VIN’s will NEVER be shared, they are simply a way of cataloging the cars with build dates, colors, and other options. Once I have enough cataloged, I will make a spread sheet to share.

Thank you for looking.


***NOTE TO THE MODS. This is simply a post seeking information to put together for other members of the A-body community. It is not advertising a business, is not an advertisement, and in no way will be monetary gain to me. If for whatever reason this post is agains the rules, please DM and explain why so that I can correct it, thank you***