Many New Cars Have No Spare Tires

When we were shopping for Loris new car, quite a few of the new ones didnt come with a spare. You get a "tire in a can". Sales rep simply said "cost cutting"
Hey new Hyundai Elantra came with a spare.

It is not in any manner cost cutting to the get no physical real spare but the inflator kit, given the tire is not damaged beyond a small nail puncture you can use the inflator kit. Step one is insert the sealer, step two is to inflate the tire..step three is get the dang thing serviced properly in quick order. For those with the inflator kit, price that small special can of sealer for your particular car. Savings my arse...just another way for the dealership to hold you hostage. I opted for the spare in my newer car...the actual tire winch and such is already in place...and given the cost of the inflator kit, truly less expensive.'

I will close with this note...being the mini van the spare is between the front seats (under the car of course) the thing is not the best position or easiest to access but that is the cost of Stow and Go seating