Many New Cars Have No Spare Tires

1) To save weight on economy oriented cars so they can post their fabulous EPA ratings..........FACT.
2) Many of said above vehicles (like an Elantra), have a Mobility Kit, which sits in a styrofoam insert fit neatly in the SPARE TIRE WELL. No space is "saved" in these cars.
3) Crowing foolishly about how great new tires are is ridiculous, road debris, chuck-holes, cutting a curb a bit to close and these things are on the rim...and sealant ain't
fixin' that!! I know, because the towing companies are thanking the recovery gods for these imbecilic "no spare" gems, it's been a boom!!
4) I've installed spare kits and applied the new tire info placards on the same cars, which amazingly fit neatly in the SPARE TIRE WELL, for those bitten & the wiser.
5) The pump & sealant kit ain't any cheaper than the spare tire,.......FACT, I know, I've priced 'em for pre-owned more than enough............
6) For vehicles like the Toyota Sienna, run-flats are great & free up seating/storage room, until $$'s tight & You opt for less $$ non run-flats,.....then You're SOL.
7) Try breaking the above news to the pre-owned sales manager when You tell Him He has to buy(4) pricey RFT tires to replace the brandy new ones He appraised
it with to certify it!! LOL!!!
8) Try telling a MAN, that He & His family are stuck on the shoulder of an off-ramp near the projects or the middle of bumf*#k, He's safer while word gets around
waiting, or has no cell service to get a tow, many people have lost their lives &/or disappeared breaking down on long desolate roads.........................