It's getting painful to read some of the posts on here.

The reason this rarely ever happens is the fact that most all billionaires are greedy SOBs and will do anything to put another $ in their pockets!? Maybe it is only human nature at its worse.
I am not talking billionaires, I'm talking small business owners who are entrepreneurs, starting from the ground up. Not bankster/gangsters and money changers, Wallstreet
thieves who get rich by betting against companies/commodities/technologies, I'm sure no corporate espionage/sabotage takes place in those instances,:rolleyes:!!
You seem to have a bitter chip about wealthy people, it may be hard for You to believe that good, ambitious people doing it right can actually succeed. I know those who
have, I am not jealous, I celebrate that it can be done. The question wasn't the bonus, it was could an illiterate person do that today as this gentleman had..................