Frustrated with inability to do body work!

Got to go back out and start some more work on the doors tonight. I noticed where the door mirror bolts to the door the area appears to be dented. Here are some pics.
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I know its hard to see but above you can see just below the 2 holes, the area that appears to be dented down. I am assuming thats not the way it was from new and I need to pull that area up and make it match the rest of the upper side of the door? Also the single hole will need pulled up slightly as well.
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So does this area need work or is this the way it is supposed to be?
Thanks Rod

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Stud gun is really the best option. Absent that pull hooks. It doesn't take much to move that area. If you just have to fill it, I would put a 1st. coat of fiberglass reinforced filler on there. used to be able to a pint can under the Bondo-hair label in Advance or Auto Zone.