Magnum swapping the 72 Scamp!

Update... I think i solved all the leaks!

So far so good anyway. I got a new oil filter plate and after looking at the old one the outer rim looked a little pitted so maybe that was the problem along with not being tightened enough initially. Cleaned the block surface real well, new gasket and let it sit for a day before starting, seems to have worked.

I got fed up with the LA valve cover leaks, and since the paint took some hits in the install process, for the time being I swapped back the donor car magnum valve covers. Eventually i will get some mopar performance magnum aluminum ones, but later down the road. These ones are pretty ugly in my opinion, but function over fashion at this point. The local Oreilly also had $20 fel pro VC gaskets in stock which was nice.

Also got the throttle and kick down cables hooked up. I used some $25ish eBay specials and a lokar bracket. The kick down still needs adjusting.

Before valve cover swap:


Powered by eBay:


Fugly mag covers:


And the moment I was waiting for finally happened, I was able to take it for a spin around the block. I didn't want to go far at this point just wanted to see how it did. Heres a quick video:

Also went to the LA auto show and decided which challenger might be my ideal car. haha... if only.