Frustrated with inability to do body work!

Finally got some work done and decided to put primer on the fenders and doors. Im really happy with the doors. Heres a pic just after they were sprayed tonight.
I plan on doing the jambs on the doors and hinges this weekend then get the car back into the shed and put the doors and fender back on the car so I can start to fit the car together.
Now the fenders are straight but Im still struggling with the scallops on the front of the fenders. Here are pics of them.
Here are some close ups of the problem on the scallop area. You can see it on the 2nd fender pic which is the drivers side. Here are some close ups of them.
I have an old body guy coming tomorrow night to take a look and give me some helpful hints on best way of going about cleaning that up. (I Hope!)
I think im very close just need to get it a little closer. It looks to me like i didnt bring the line quite far enough on both fenders. Im hoping its an easy fix. But the good thing is that all the holes I welded look very straight to me and the area that I had to cut and put metal in the fenders looks good as well. Theres just on spot on the one fender lip I need to make a little nicer. See pic below
Your suggestions and comments are more then welcome. And as always thanks for following and helping me along,