Frustrated with inability to do body work!

Thanks guys, I appreciate all the comments and suggestions. I spent the day sanding to prepare the doors and fenders for some real paint either tonight or tomorrow. I'm only doing the area on the fenders that will be under the hood, and then on the doors only doing the jamb area and the interior side of the door. Im waiting to do the skins once everything is put together and hopefully lined up nice and straight! I had an old body guy stop in last night to give me some additional information and guidance and he came around again today. He sees things I dont and having a second eye helps out a lot. It also makes more work but its stuff I missed the first time! I've said this before but i'll say it again, sanding sucks, so anyone that enjoys sanding has a special talent! And yes body work is an art and few have it. Im not one of them but i'm trying!