Magnum swapping the 72 Scamp!

Well here’s a strange one. I had an exhaust leak that I was crossing my fingers wasn’t the header gasket because I used remflex. But deep down I figured it was... and I was right.

Don’t know if maybe I have the wrong gaskets or what but the ports are way bigger on the gasket causing the bottoms to blow out on a couple cylinders.



And here it is with the Doug’s gaskets below them to show the port size difference.

4BC83957-1E05-4C16-BF08-4C1475260494.jpeg FFAEE9FF-AD57-4560-97A0-2ADF1CB5A276.jpeg

These were 6004 remflex, maybe I should have used 6003?


I put in a Doug’s gasket passenger side using their directions to copper coat for now. Let’s see how it holds up I guess!