A-Bodies...Big Motors / New Hemi Duster - FINAL ASSEMBLY

Never made it to that strip/ From google earth it appears to be a cow pasture. But did make to the Mason-Dixon raceway a bit further away for the 348-409 Reunion a few years back. When it was at Carlisle.
In my 25+ years of doing Carlisle,I don't remember Carlisle being involved with anything @ M>D> raceway.They promoted South Mountain Fridays for MOPAR day. A few years back SM raceway closed,so Carlisle events built that tiny autocross track ON the fairgrounds.My friend Mike Natoli bought the track and made a galient effort to be ready for Chrysler.but the gent that was setting up the new time board and all the electronics passed away like a week before Carlisle.So Mike had a couple of kids at the stripe with flags,winner got the flag raised.....LMOL




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