impact of modern muscle cars on the old car market

.....I have to wonder just how much the "modern" muscle car has taken away from people buying our "old" mopar high performance models, or even the more pedestrian models??? .....

I don't think in many ways "this end" of the market affects "the other" in any way

For myself, I'm not at all interested in owning a Model T or any other early 1900's antique

I'm certainly not interested (very much) in spending a LOT of money on a more door (there are exceptions)

But there ARE effects. I'm sure many Belvedere HT or Sport Satellites have been bought to "clone" a RR/ GTX. And since I think "wing" cars are exceptionally ugly, it annoys me that the price of the former have been driven up just so people can throw fenders and noses on them