impact of modern muscle cars on the old car market

Frnknsteen, is that an indictment on the poor quality of the 2010 Challenger?

It was in my case. I'd never buy another one. I loved the car for the first year or so, then started noticing things I didn't like, or didn't make sense, then started having issues and recalls. Then decided I was over it and sold it. I always said that I thought Ma Mopar nailed it on those cars. Followed by the '09 - '12 Mustangs, then the Camaros, but as 70Swinger440 said above....

The modern muscle is impressive and for the most part outperform the classics.

But the modern musclecars have no soul.

Here is a pick of my Challenger shortly after I got it. Things I quickly found I didn't like

1. Can't turn off MDS on R/T with A/T? (Diablosport tuner helped with that)
2. Adaptive Tuning detunes car if not constantly on it (Diablosport tuner helped with that)
3. No real posi on A/T R/T? Only on SRT and 6spd? Who wants a car with open diff with 375hp? Have to rely on traction control to hook up both wheels? I saw a guy with an A/T R/T get stuck in a un-level gravel driveway with one tire spinning!
4. 4 recalls in first 2 years. On last one (timing chain) they put my power steering hose back on wrong so it rubbed on the pulley and cut it by the time I got home, plus they tore the hood seal so it flapped against the paint the whole way home (I know,.. Dealer fault, not Dodge, but still left nasty PO'd taste in my mouth!!)