impact of modern muscle cars on the old car market

It was in my case. I'd never buy another one. I loved the car for the first year or so, then started noticing things I didn't like, or didn't make sense, then started having issues and recalls. Then decided I was over it and sold it. I always said that I thought Ma Mopar nailed it on those cars. Followed by the '09 - '12 Mustangs, then the Camaros, but as 70Swinger440 said above....

I remember back as a kid, my dad had Plymouths and Chryslers, mostly because he had family that owned a dealership, but I believe he really liked the cars. His biggest complaint was the C-P service department. He was never really happy with the performance. If a person can't get good service, then that will steer (no pun intended) them to another product for sure.

Very nice looking car, by the way.