impact of modern muscle cars on the old car market

I think theres lots of young people still interested in this old stuff. I see young people getting on here all the time with a dart or a duster or some other old mopar. The best thing we can do as a community is help with our combined knowledge. A friendly place for a newbie to come and seek out advice from oldtimers like us helps a lot. Helping young guys get into the hobby is great. A young friend of mine drives a typical fart can tipped honda civic, but admitted he loves old cars. He bought a 1965 mustang V8 coupe, and he is amazed at the parts availability, price, and how simple the car is. Lightbulb moment for him. Another convert to the old car hobby.

My dad is into model A fords pretty hard at 80 years old. The catalogs are still churning out repop parts for these. I was amazed at what was available in them. This means there is a strong interest in them. We dont run in those circles so it may not look like the interest is there but it is. Guys in their 40s and 50s into model As. Thats like young guys in their 20s being into 60s muscle cars. Its all relative.

This stuff is easy to work on compared to new electronic wundercars out now. Do i like modern muscle though? Yes i do. I have a 2007 mustang GT deluxe 4.6L 5 speed w 3.55s. Was a special ordered car with spoiler delete. I love that car, but cannot wait till i have time to finish my 67 notch. My son is 5 and loves cars as well. I am collecting up parts to build a 69 notch with him as he gets older. He may be in an enviable position having a dad who knows how to weld and fab to teach him, as well as one whos been rat packing everything ahead of time to do that project with him.