impact of modern muscle cars on the old car market

Point i was making w the civic was this young guy i know likes old muscle cars but doesnt have the big money to jump into mopars, i mentioned old 60s mustangs as a way to get his feet wet so to speak. He is thoroughly enjoying the 65 mustang V8 coupe he bought. Is amazed at how easy these things are to work on, and parts availability. So he may not be into new muscle, but likes old muscle and pony cars and he is in his 20s.

The hobby wont die, if you can hook the young ones. He does like mopars, but just cant afford one right now. Maybe some day he will call me up to help him with a dart swinger when he can afford one. I understand his reality though. The civic is inexpensive, gets good mileage, has working A/C. A must in west Texas. The temps pushed up to 110° this week. He is now investing his extra income into his 65 mustang.