Many New Cars Have No Spare Tires

A couple of stories from the old days

"Back then" I was REALLY poor at times, even though "it seemed like" I was workin my *** off. I had the misdirected occasion to go to Portland to see about tow-baring a mini truck back home. It's a good thing I didn't get it. ANYway, I had a flat down near Portland somewhere. I was supposed to meed someone to stay with (he managed a cheap motel) but I didn't have the directions, and this was before cell phones. I had the exit, but it turns out the name of the street went on for miles. Was It "Sandy Blvd?" Anyhow I "got off" ad drove for what seemed like a year, and "just happened" onto a Les Scwab tire. So I stopped to buy a couple of used tires.

And I called him to see "what?". THE MOTEL WAS RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!!!

This was the infamous "SKUD MISSILE" which is a low flying, poorly guided missile. 78 Ferd LTDII 351W 2BBL This is the day it went to junk, no idea why I took this photo