5.9 Magnum opportunity

Of course, the oil pan! Forgot about that.

Thanks wanta68cuda, $500 sounds reasonable to me too. I read the entire magnumswap.com website today, and you're right - it's just like a bible. All kinds of good information, but missing a huge section that's important for me. Magnumswap.com basically casts off the idea of running the OEM fuel injection. I know I can very easily pick up a Magnum intake manifold and put my LA timing set on this 5.9, but I really want to run the OEM EFI. I know that limits the performance potential, but I can always go carbureted or aftermarket EFI later on.

I checked out some other threads where members were installing the EFI, so maybe I'll ask some questions in those threads. Right now I need to figure out what kind of electric fuel pump I would need, either with a return system or without a return system. Does anyone know?