Seat belts

Pix for my 67 cuda notch. Upper attach point is where coat hook was. 68-69 cuda notch model the attach point is here, coat hook is moved back. Retractor is mounted in original lap belt hole, had to add a forward anchor for each belt. I cut these out from 3/16" thick square tubing. 1/8" thick reinforcement under the floor at the aft outboard front seat support on either side. Looks factory to me.

Theres a seatbelt place in florida that makes custom fit for A and B body, the retractor fits that same mount i have mine in, they didnt come with the 8" upper sash with D ring so they were a no go.

Top pic i was mocking them up. Upper point was just screw and washee where coat hook hole is just to hang it where its going to be. Ditto with the aluminum tape. This is a factory looking install. The retractor will still catch and lock even though it's on a slight angle