Concentrix Logo "I work for a multibillion dollar company that doesn’t really care for its employees

The intent of this post is to highlight my personal experience working for a large corporation, this is not meant to be a "***** fest" an I hope you can find some humor in here somewhere.

An so it "was"

Working for a multi-billion dollar company that supports multi-billion dollar company’s

It is my opinion that this company doesn’t really care about its employees

I work for Convergys a multi-billion dollar corporation that provides technical support to multi-billion dollar corporations i.e.. AT&T, Comcast, Juniper, Sunbeam, NetApp, Apple, Comcast, Spectrum and now Microsoft.

The primary focus of the company from managements position is to get customer phone calls answered asap, outcome is not relative, getting the phone answered is what the base metrics are focused on.

Pulling into the parking lot on a bright morning you tend to notice the lot peppered with trash discarded by employees through the 3 shifts, this is a 24 Hour site. I have seen birds circle a McDonald's burger box knowing all too well which side to lift to get the food. I personally have trouble opening these containers, for the birds it's not much of a challenge with their learned skill set. Squirrels will guard their trash-find to the degree that you can reach out and touch them, very brave critters. Included in the litter are also used hypodermic syringes, used condoms and soiled women’s underwear. I’ve never witnessed their use or disposal and surely don’t hope to.

The front entry to our building is designated as "nonsmoking" you wouldn’t know judging by the smoke you have to walk through and the cigarette butts littered around, I guess as long as it doesn’t go into the building is "Ok" because the security desk doesn’t seem to care. On occasion there will be one security guard and don’t worry because his/her head is down looking at their smartphone as you enter the one working door. One of the double entrance doors is blocked off and unusable due to needed repairs and that haven’t been performed during the 2+ months it’s been blocked.

One of the 2 elevators that service 2 additional floors was inoperable for a month. A TSM (technical support manager) had to open a ticket for the repair, apparently building management and maintenance weren’t overly concerned or they could have had it fixed right away. The doors leading from the main corridors have alarms that beep if the door is left open for too long(fire code?) Well the alarm would come on at random and beep for 5 plus minutes, I found this to be just a little distracting especially while engaged on the phone with customers. I'm really not sure if this has been corrected or not as we were moved to a different area away from the exit doors.

Our work area on the 3rd floor is approximately 1/3 of the total layout. It has 1 kitchen break area equipped with a double sink, 2 microwaves, 2 refrigerators, a water cooler, a coffee maker and 2 pay vending machines. The kitchen is relatively clean, the microwaves get wiped out, the sinks cleaned, trashed emptied. The janitorial staff does a decent job of keeping the kitchen clean, most certainly better than site services does with keeping the parking lot clean. The one ice maker we had was leaking water out onto the floor, site maintenance fixed this this by turning off the water to the ice maker. 2nd or 3rd shift would turn the ice maker water back on and not off, so management resolved the issue by eliminating fresh ice altogether and had maintenance remove the ice maker from the freezer. Our account management brought in store bought ice for a while but that stopped along with the coffee, hot chocolate and tea when corporate decided they could save money by eliminating employee perks. Additionally trash bins were removed so the only disposal locations were in the break rooms and a few large bins randomly place or dragged there by a coworker.

Pluming in this building is at its worst. The kitchen sinks in at least 2 of the break rooms on our floor would backup with 3 inches of standing water in both bowls. This was blamed on employees putting coffee grounds down the drains, It was once rumored that we were putting the grounds in the men’s urinals subsequently causing them to back up, 2 of the 3 urinals would have garbage bags placed over them for weeks at a time pending repair or having a ticket opened. Management even went so far as to having a placard type sign placed in the men’s room warning against "throwing coffee grounds into the urinals"
Lately the urinals would overflow a waterfall of pee yellow onto the floor. Occasionally a sink would be closed for faucet repair that would take 2 weeks or more.

At one time the ceiling would leak or drip not at a fast rate but noticeable. The ceiling would get patched and at the next good rainfall the ceiling would leak again. The occasional critter most likely squirrel’s, would run across the ceiling panels, that was always a little exciting. The entire floor is covered in short pile carpet with the exception of the bath and break rooms, I cannot recall the carpets ever being vacuumed, dropped crumbs and food particles would remain undisturbed until someone picked it up. I remember one story of the cleaning crew vacuuming while a technician was engaged with a customer on the phone. The custodian was asked to stop or move to a different area, the response was "talk to my supervisor" sub sequentially the next day the TSE was told not to instruct the custodial person about their duties. Dead Roaches are common and like the food dropping would remain undisturbed for weeks or more.

Lunches were provided monthly, quarterly mostly by our the company that we support, our client. Eventually that stopped and we were encouraged to participate in Pot Luck lunches where coworkers would provide the food at our expense and the coordination efforts were often by a coworker. I consider this an inexpensive route for the company to continue providing company lunches? essentially at no expense to our employer while giving the impression of a perk. This to some degree worked but I never really was comfortable eating food prepared at someone else’s home. A little Paranoid; maybe!

A TSE's (technical support engineer) job is to provide the end user with 1st 2nd and 3rd lines of support in an effort to get their problems resolved. We answer the phones, remember 1st priority, we own and work the cases and communicate a solution to the clients customer. A small percentage of our cases are escalated to the clients senior level of support at the mother company. Our work is scrutinized, scored and occasionally praised, rarely ever recognized or rewarded for the most part. We don’t work in a modern decorative accommodating environment. We have to keep our work area clean although not everyone does, food on the desk and floors. The chairs are 10 plus years old. I've managed to hang on the same chair for about 5 years, must be the purple cushions and hole in the arm pad.

Our work area consists of a not so new or reliable computer; Dell OptiPlex I7, 8Gb ram no DVD and no USB access ($200+/- used) they run petty decent although my 5 year old laptop at home is much better. Most of the company computers are cycled, re-imaged or shelved when they crash, all of your data is gone unless you personally backed it up since there is no policy in place for backups. Computer issues can include crashing, running very slow or not at all. Hardware/software inconsistencies are mostly blamed on the TSE and unless several people complain, this is managements best solution. Hard dives crash, VPN connections lost, programs freeze or stop running altogether. Maintaining your computing environment requires more skill than just knowing how to operate a computer, more than the average Call center worker has, think CompTIA+ certified.

Top tier are the TSE's that work the cases and tolerate the tough customers, poor management and less than idea working environment.

Look through the Forbes 500 company employee satisfaction surveys, these don’t come from us we work at the customer support level that is outsourced. Our direct income does not come from these large corporations, our opinions are never solicited and never heard.