filter regulator

I've used the corvette regulator before without an issue. It was several years ago and I had lowered my truck and drug a hole in the tank. I needed a quick fix and put a fuel cell, electric pump, and corvette regulator. I drove it daily for a few years without issues until I got rear ended.

so a magnum will run on 58 psi with no problems? i thought magnums had to have 50psi

Why not just go with an adjustable regulator from Summit?
Or replace the pump with a pump actually rated for the engine?
Curious why you are having an issue with this as it has been done hundreds of times on here already with awesome success.
Good luck and keep us posted.

because a summit regulator and separate filter would be many times the cost of the dodge jeep regulator and it would not have the built in filter. i would also have to buy alot more an fittings with a summit one.

i just thought the jeep regulator/filter combo had a nice stock look to it and had the correct psi. am i wrong. the LS setup with all the an fittings is on tanks inc. for 70 bucks which is not a bad deal. i just thought the 58 psi is too high for the magnum fuel rail/injectors.

tainks inc. LS reg/filter