Kevco / Dipstick Issue

Did you do a dry fit at all? I had this issue only when using it with a windage tray, it somehow forced it into the block and took a bunch of grinding. I was lucky I did a dry run or I would have been fucked. Hopefully you get it sorted out.

Yes I'm doing a dry fit now. Setting up the oiling system before we put the motor together. I'm starting to think I have the wrong dipstick that was for the truck pan that was on it. The one I have now doesn't look like a car style dipstick but I think it would work with possibly modification and re marking it. I don't have a windage tray but it looks like I'm going to have to drill a small hole in one of the internal braces or slosh guard or whatever it is. But I'm going to try to find a proper dipstick. I'm glad I found this out now!