For those with Magnums - What Mounts did you use?

NOPE! They're different. The 5.9 will use the 340/360 mounts the 5.2 uses the same as the 318. I know because I did this conversion and went through all the head ache of finding out! Do yourself a favor and order the correct mounts!
Make sure it's for A body and not E body again different.

So what would the “Correct mounts” be?
Is it as simple as order 1974 A body 360 spool mounts from any parts jobber/RockA/eBay and bolt them on the magnum 360?
I’m in the same spot, thought about welding some spacers in but would rather buy a correct mount that will just bolt right in.
And yes... I need it spelled out for me. :thumbsup: