For those with Magnums - What Mounts did you use?

Schumacher lists both styles for their poly spool mounts; part number 73PA for the 273/318 engine sizes and 73PLA for the 340/360 engine size. Looks like they are currently out of stock.
I don't have factory part numbers, but I see what you mean on part stores only listing one style, and it's unclear which style that is.
If you don't want to run a spacer (does not need to be welded) and you can't find proper listings, you need to find used factory mounts and just replace the insulator inserts that are available separately.
I am running the Schumacher mounts on mine.
Thanks Bobzilla, looks like it gets spacers and go on with my day with money still in my pocket!
If this was an OE build I’d go after correct 73 340/74 360 mounts but she’s getting spacers and I’ll like it!!! :thankyou: