Why does the suspension look like i drove over a rock?

I never try to send any one down the same path as me, for the chance of learning something new that i had not thought of. MR Sinister did that for sure.

I went from 28X10.5 MT to 28.5X10.5 Pheonix they have much stiffer sidewalls. The bounce / spin at hit is the tire being hit too hard and crushing the sidewall. Leafsprung Mopars have a very short instant center (spring eye) which causes this. Stiffer sidewall slicks, tubes if you're not running them, more air, GOOD double adjustable shocks, taller gears, wider rims, will help. Unfortunately if the track is crap its gonna spin.
You might also try less RPM on the start line. It looks like you've killed the chassis reaction coming up too high on the converter.

I'm running drag tubes already and the other problem is my car is heavy! 3860 with me in it.
I don't have the double adj shock. they were to price for my budget. I did buy some Competition Engineering 3 way shock that i have not Yet installed.
As far as coming to high on the converter, you are right. Was trying to get a better 60 foot time.

The other thing, i have notist with these videos, is that the left tire is getting hit/wrinkle sidewall more than the right rear slick.

Screws is right. You're beating the hell out of the tire. Another reason to not use SS springs. You need a DA shock and set the bump (compression) much stiffer to not let the tire bounce back. You can also slow the rebound (extension) so it isn't quite hitting the tire so hard.

This is for you both......well any and every one.

Do you think i should set the new shock up initially equally? such as in a 50/50 setting(compression/Rebound). I have 3 settings 30/70 40/60 and 50/50.
Would you stagger the setting from left and right and if so what would you recommend for my first initial setting.

Also i bought some 3 way shock for the front end as well. My choice is 90/10 80/20 and 60/40 I basically have worn out front shock up front right now.

Thanks for all you thoughts so far, Keep then coming.....