Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Carlisle, PA

Yup. Gotta watch yourself. Wife is diabetic. Gotta keep an eye on her when we go to swap meets and any other extended activity.
That super sweet lemonade was probably a shock to your body. Something" new" it wasn't used to.
Think of your body as your car. You probably would not pour ice water into the radiator if it was ovheating. Good chance of cracking a head. Same with your body. Just. Sayn'.........

Myself , if it ain't snowing or pouring down rain, then I'm good.
I just hope all attendees have a good / safe time.
Btw - got my "sticker" in the mail. M-18. Not M-17.
Stop by and say hi. Aaaaallllllwwwwwaaayysss ..have COLD. adult beverages on hand if anyone is so inclined.........

X2 I almost passed out there 2 years ago, bought a lemonade in the fairgrounds, it was super sweet, about 15 minutes later, I had to sit down fast, almost fell over.
It was hot, normally all I drink there is Gatorade, but I ran out and bought the lemonade, it must have been the heat and sugar in the drink.