Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Carlisle, PA

Chances are, someone will have one there.
Might sound funky / stupid. But doesn't hurt to place a sign around your neck stating what you want.
I see it all the time. Works too. Neighbor of mine needed some Ford 390 stuff. I told him what to do.
Found it within 30 minutes at Charlotte. He looked all day the day before. Walked right past a guy that had what he wanted but it wasn't out in plain sight.
Went back the next day with sign...... Bingo.
If you feel like a fool walking around with a sign on your back , so be it.
Might have a better chance of getting what you are looking for if you did tho......
Just my 1 1/2 cents worth.
I saw a guy last year up carsile, he just had a parts wanted wrote with a sharpe on his white tee shirt, with his phone number. I talked to him and had the parts he needed.