Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Carlisle, PA

It's a 74 Scamp. And honestly it's not trying to find the cheapest route to have my doors match my ignition, I just don't want to take my column apart again. LOL
Trying to avoid carrying around a separate door, trunk and ignition key.
I've got a locksmith here in town that can do it. He's out this week and said he will be backed up when he gets back so it would take a couple days to do it. Which I don't get, but whatever. Thanks for your help anyway.
It takes some time to tear them down and then rebuild them. That's why I wont do it at a show.
The second goes quicker as you know what tumblers to use.
But if you got a guy who still has a tumbler kit, you better take advantage of that. Even if it takes a couple days.
But if you change your mind, come find me.