Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Carlisle, PA

Also, N72 to N77 I think. I have 3 cars up there right now. Not to much parts right now. Behind the 8 ball on getting parts there. I am local though so I can get anything u want. I have a lot of steelies and some others
I’d like to get most of my shopping finished up Thursday. At 72 I won’t be worth a sh crap on Friday. I need Big bolt 7 wide and 6 wide 15” steel wheels factory style. A few people said they have sets at the show. 2 cop wheels would be good and maybe 4 7” wide 4/1/4 back space 2 6” factory. I don’t know your prices so might not be that many. If you pm me some prices that would help me. Only staying Thursday and Friday