Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Carlisle, PA

Yup, agreed. My fuel gauge had been acting crazy for a while. Sometimes it shows my fuel level, other times total at empty even with a full tank. I havent torn it apart yet since I've been home but will soon just to see what cooked. And now the car has a lovely fried electric odor when I hop in, lol. I really need to re-wire all the dash stuff. It doesn't look bad, but it is just old for sure.
I had to go through the instrument voltage regulator replacement which is in the fuel gauge on a rally dash car like our barracudas. basically had to disable the voltage regulator in the gauge and wire an external solid state voltage regulator behind the instrument cluster, Fortunately mine went open so th gauges stopped working, if it shorted to full 12 volts your gauges can be damaged if it is not corrected in time.