Was at Mopars at the Red Barns show at the Gilmore Car Museum on the weekend. "Mopars at the Red Barns" Show & Swap Meet
Great show. Lots of parking on the grass, large trees for shade. Had not been there for about 20 years. They have added several more buildings with very well restored cars from Model A Fords through to modern day. Definitely worth a visit. They had one of the 7 remaining turbine cars on display.
Car worked fine except when I stopped to get gas in Port Huron on the way home. Pulled the parking brake on and the handle broke off!! (It was a reproduction handle) Only way to release it is to pull on it and rotate it to unlock!! Fortunately I had put a few tools in a toolbox and used a pair of vice grips to get it to release!!!! That was close!!

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