Moser 8 3/4 housing is a Ford

I seen the difference the first time I seen the rear of the car, people aren't as clueless as you think, and for me I want to keep my mopar a mopar not a pile of misc parts. But that's just me.

It's not about people bein clueless man. That's not how I meant it. Sure, you can tell the least "we" can. But we're not talking about cars here that it "matters" about. If it's one where it needs to be or should be a Mopar unit, fine. 90% of Mopars on the street aren't numbers cars, plus the Ford 9" is not just "arguably" stronger, it's a LOT stronger, so it's an upgrade all the way around. Regardless of your feelings about Mopar stuff. None of the Mopar units have that rear pinion bearing support. That makes a pretty big difference.