Painted my rear seats

Hey guys,

I thought I would do up a quick little post on the spray job I did on the rear seat in my 70 Swinger. When the car came into my family 31 years ago it had seats from an Aspen or Volare. They rotted out years ago and about 8 years ago I found this rear seat for sale online:

I ran that seat for about 8 years with the rest of the interior being black, but now it's time to streamline the colours. Here are the products that I used: 20190922_132401.jpg
Here's an interesting little quirk. I guess the factory ran out of thoses pieces in the creme colour, and you can't see the blue when the seat is installed. Of course, back in the day this type of thing was pretty common.

I cleaned up the seats using the soap and sprayed them down with the vinyl prep, following all the directions listed on the product labels. Here we are after 1 coat:

Closer pic below:

Had a bit of a break as I found this little guy in my shop garbage can:

I used him to terrify the wife for a bit then took him out to the yard and let him go:

Moving along, you have to be careful to get the paint on the inside of the piping. Here's a shot of a section of the seat bottom:

And here's the exact same section with the camera at a higher angle:

So I made sure to get into the nooks as well as the crannies and ended up with this: