Hydraulic FT issues/rumors?

Johnson solids from a Chrysler slant Ebay sale. I asked for 4 more and they made me a set. They were Same as a 273 Dumb bell lifter! Put a white out mark on the top rim and watch to see if it turns on break-in. If it doesnt, stop motor and find out why.

I always read about putting the white mark and watching the lifters rotate.

How do you do that without getting oil all over everything? Seems like an engine running at 2500 rpm would make a mess.

Once all of the lifters are inspected do you slam the covers on while it's running?

Appreciate the answers. I'm gonna go YouTube this also.

I've never broke in a cam the right way. I suppose we got lucky. I also don't have alot of engine builds under my belt.