Hydraulic FT issues/rumors?

I always read about putting the white mark and watching the lifters rotate.

How do you do that without getting oil all over everything? Seems like an engine running at 2500 rpm would make a mess.

Once all of the lifters are inspected do you slam the covers on while it's running?

Appreciate the answers. I'm gonna go YouTube this also.

I've never broke in a cam the right way. I suppose we got lucky. I also don't have alot of engine builds under my belt.
If you just turn the engine over by hand a few times with everything assembled except the intake, you should be able to see the lifters and pushrods rotate. Even if it is just a little bit, that is what you need to see. They will rotate with different speeds, but that is all OK, as long as each and every one rotates.

If you want to see it when running, then get some beat up valve covers and cut rectangular slots in the tops and put them on. Mark the pushrods and watch for them to rotate.

If a pushrod is not rotating, then its lifter is not rotating...... the lifter is the only source of rotational motion on the pushrod.