I'm doing the mod that others have done to eliminate the "chrome" lockstrip along the lower edge of the windshield.
I'm using a hardtop windshield gasket and using a lower S/S trim strip from the hardtop/fastback cars. This involves cutting off ~1" from each end of the hardtop trim strip and doing a little grinding on the ends.
Then you install the trim clips that are used on the hardtop along the lower edge. All the screw holes were punched along the bottom - except for the 2 outer ones. On my car, they didn't seem to be there, but maybe they were covered by the body shop. (These 2 outer trim clips are a little narrower than the others.) The 2 outer clips are p/n 6002615 and the rest are 6002263.

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Thank you Jim. The body shop tape on my beautifyul mylar lower trim and pulled off the chrome. That's why I went with the original chrome lower strip. your restoration on everything convert. will help me big time. Thank you.