Cold Case radiator # mop 755k

Just a little heads up guys about Cold Case radiators I ordered the mop 755k if you've been looking at them at all you will know what that is I ordered this with the fan kit radiator shroud xcetera nice radiator bolted right in great Construction forget about the fan shroud in the electric fan they will not fit I have a 71 Dodge Demon with a 340 I called and emailed Cold Case several times before purchasing this never got any response back I use this website to try and get in touch with anybody from Cold Case and no responses I am out now a fan shroud along with the electric fan for $300 that will not fit in the car it does not clear by one inch from the front snout of the water pump to the radiator finally got through to them and they claim I should have used a 26-inch radiator in a 22 inch frame would have been nice to know from the get-go so just a little heads up about their customer service which is very poor I am keeping the radiator I have no choice so you may save a few bucks with Cold Case but in the end who knows what you're getting I don't think they know themselves thanks for all your help with everything else on the build of my car fabo