Cold Case radiator # mop 755k

I"m not sure I fully understand.

You got the radiator and you like the radiator. It bolted right up?

The problem you had was with the shroud and fan not fitting? right?

So I'll answer assuming I read this correctly.
1. A-bodies are notorious for having very little distance between the rad and the water pump. Since that model fits many A-bodies, it fits some models and not others. We haven't tested each application. Additionally if the motor or water pump has been swapped out, that's another possible fitment issue possibility.

We commonly recommend the 26" unit on the Duster and Demon because they fit in there decently, you get dual 12" fans and that gap between the 2 fans gives you just enough space.

2. We have a 60 day no questions asked guarantee! You are not stuck with anything! You can send back the fan and shroud kit for a refund. You can send it ALL back for a 26" replacement or you can send it all back for a full refund!

As far as getting bad service, that's the part that bothers me most. I don't want to make excuses but we in PA are on a state wide lock down. Our county was one of the original hit with the first few cases. We are allowed to come to work but we have taken major measures to protect our staff. 1/2 the staff is working from home. In the last 2 weeks we've been figuring out how to distribute the tech and sales calls to the remote staff while the remaining staff was overwhelmed. It sure sounds like you just happened to get caught in all of that.

That being said, I myself and one other staff member monitor these forums on a daily basis. I have been available each day for the last 2 years! So you basically have curb side service! lol. Seriously, PM me and we'll get you taken care of. :)

Everybody stay safe!