Cold Case radiator # mop 755k

Thanks for your reply all I'm not disputing the fact of the quality of the radiator which is great I would buy one again I am disputing the fact that I wish you would revise your website to include these facts on the applications for this car I bought this radiator fan shroud fan relay kit through Jegs returning was going to be a hassle I am going to modify the aluminum shroud that I bought to work with my mechanical fan my point being I'm just trying to save your company and the next guy down the line a lot of Heartache return hassle cost time Etc and thank you once again for your reply

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Are those March pulleys? Either way they dont look factory, which changes the game on fitment. As far as cooling issues go, how big is your water pump pulley compared to your crank pulley? It needs to be about 20% smaller to be effective.