Unported head quickness?

took a stock 2006 5.7 hemi added a used hughes 480 lift camshaft and lifters bolted on a modman intake and an enderle injector and pump.
Transmission 727 with a few upgrades (no trans brake) that my mechanic built, bought a used chinese 4500 stall converter
Car is a 2950lb 67 Barracuda with 12pt cage, ladderbars and alterkation front end. Willwood brakes. 8 3/4 with 4.56 gears and 13x30.5x15 MT slicks
Ran a 10.90 first run then a 10.71 two runs later at 6700rpm! motor really spins fast!
Decided to slow it down to 11.35 and 6000 rpm so it would not blow up.

Since then totally rebuild motor with Hughes stroker kit and a used blower running 10% overdrive. Had new seats installed in the head rest is still stock. Had Dave at Hughes cut me a custom cam (specs I will look up and post soon) Bought a new torque converter, 5500 stall but it is slipping real bad.
First three runs high 9's low 10's but redline at 7500 bumped up rev limit to 7800 still no better.
bought a new set of slicks 12x33x15 and installed 4.10's ran 9.32 @ 122 mph had to let off at just over half track due to rev limiter again. Torque converter is going back for a re cut . Hope to see 8.80 in the future. Oh ya I leave off idle and lift the tires for about 60-80ft.

Here is the info on my new cam

SER3842MHLN-114+4, which would be 238* intake duration @0.50 (.360 lobe) and 242* exhaust duration @ 0.50 (.367 lobe) It would have a 114* lobe seperation angle and have 4* advance ground it.

this is from an email from Tim from Hughes
It's funny cause David freiburger says gen3 hemis don't rev! Ok