The Challenger is reaching a more modern feel on the road through a Borgeson conversion.
it’s not perfect, as on bumpy roads I still feel some flex. Lower arms may be a factor, and a brace could help.
I’m also considering a piece I believe you offer for the coupler on the gearbox as opposed to the one Borgeson uses. I’m not sure it’s a factor?
Never thought of adjustable strut rods for alignment of the lower arm. Hmm
The other day I pulled it back on the alignment lift, as it was recommended to increase caster with the new box, and I’m just now getting around to it.
I had a slight caster split and a slight camber split. Overall looked good 2-3 degrees of caster on both sides.
So I maxed all 4 cams for caster and the camber fell at near zero on both sides, and I had 3.8 left and 4.0 on the right.
Went up a good degree or a little more actually.
So much more pleasurable to drive.
Any recommendations on good shocks I typically look at Bilstein or KYB for a driver.