I have high expectations when I set up a car.
I drove a buddy’s SRT Charger the other day and down the same roads it’s not much better. I was in a BMW yesterday took a ride to the lake, I wasn’t impressed on washboard roads. So I’m picky.
I’m probably feeling the intermediate shaft dancing up and down affecting the gearbox input shaft, maybe. The car has Hemi torsion bars, and front and rear sway bars, Moog everything, C body tie rods, it’s just I like going down backroads and everything drives like crap.
Never had to cut the sector shaft, and the length was perfect when done. Though I understand it shouldn’t be a fixed shaft.
I believe camber was zeroish on left and .17 positive on the right. Looked perfect, though modern cars I try and run a little negative camber when possible.
Maybe I could get a estimate on 4 shocks?

So do I! Because I know EXACTLY how much the stock suspension is capable of, so when I spend a lot or a customer does, I make sure they get as much for their money as possible.