Anyone planning on going to the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals

I've been going since they started a Chrysler show, and I have an Uncle (corvette guy) moved there when he retired. We always visited him on the way. He passed away this February and with the present up-tick of the virus, my wife, who has gone with me the last several times dosnt want to go. Now with most of my outings, flying solo is 'fine by me, but she is a parts hound! She knows my car so well that she is allways ahead of me, scouting parts and flagging me, and while I look the part over, haggle and b.s. she is off to the next vendor. Doing it this way has enabled me to arrive at the gate when they open on Friday, walk the entire vendor area and car corral, have a burger out side the gate in the neighborhood and take in the A-Body show feild then be heading back to MD by 5 pm.
I don't know if I got it in me to do all that by myself. I'm on the fence.